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Bellasano Rose Hip Seed Oil

Bellasano Rose Hip Seed Oil
This oil is naturally comprised of well-proportioned ratios of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, the most important missing ingredients for skin care. The patented carrier process, infused with vitamins, minerals and proteins, promotes real skin renewal. You will feel the difference immediately as your skin's color, texture, tone and elasticity visibly improve.
Product No.: 727
Count: 1 oz
Price: $36.49

It simply means “beautiful, healthy”. During a journey years ago through South America, Claudio Dario, a bio-chemist, experienced first-hand the vibrant, supple youthful looking skin of the native villagers and asked that they show him how they cared for their skin. That field trip led to the “discovery” of the oil from a rare, wild rose hip seed. With his scientific background, he formulated the liposome base that carries this oil with its natural vitamins, minerals and proteins deep into the layers of the skin for genuine skin renewal. These products are artfully crafted, pure, all-natural and totally healthy.

Wild Crafted Rose Hip Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Tocopherol

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